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Counting the days until Christmas…

Another way of counting the days until Christmas is by a calendar. Today there are many types of calendars in different countries. Some only have a picture behind each window, some are made in the theme of television shows or famous brands.

In Austria the calendars have 24 windows and normally a scene from the Christmas story is displayed underneath. But the best part of counting the days until Christmas are the small pieces of chocolate formed like a snowman, a candle or a present that are hidden behind each window.

A joy not only for the small ones but also for the chocolate loving grown-ups! 🙂

Advent season

On Sunday we will celebrate the first Advent. In Austria it is a special Sunday, as the Christmas season has now officially begun. A day when family and friends get together to enjoy a homemade meal, go for a walk through the snow-covered village and most-likely stop at one of the many Christmas markets nearby for some GlĂĽhwein to warm up or to buy some Christmas presents.

How are you celebrating the first Sunday in Advent?

Let it snow!

Minus 4 degrees and the weather forecast predicts more snow to come!!!

Why wait? Book your winter holiday NOW!

It’s time…

The first snow is falling, the currency is improving…

It’s time to book your winter adventure in the Alps!

Have a taste of our winter specials: