Get Ski Fit!

Snow skiing is GREAT fun but let me tell you, it’s not fun if your muscles are screaming sore and you still have half the slope to go …. You will be using your upper leg muscles more than you ever have, so get fit any way you can.

Here are some good “get ski fit” tips:

Pre skiing fitness exercises are a must. You don’t have to be pumping ninety kilos on the pec deck and running seven minute miles with a lump of lead strapped to each ankle, but it’s essential to complete a regular and disciplined programme before you go off.

You should do something to increase your aerobic capacity, ie your puff, and some anaerobic work to improve your calf, thigh, and stomach muscles. Running up and down hills, or just walking hard up and down them, is good for both puff and strength. If you can’t always do this, a course at the gym on weights, combined with the aerobic machines, would be a good plan. Set your own targets and stick to them.

When do you start before your ski holiday?

It’s entirely up to you. I try and take exercise all year round, and if it’s getting to be a pain just try and think about the best run you had last season to spur you on…

Now for one or two unusual fitness tips, and when I say fitness I don’t just mean the physical side. I’m talking mental too. First try this balancing exercise. I always spend a bit of time walking along the top of a narrow post and rails outside the house. The top rail is about a metre off the ground and two inches wide, but you can try something similar on the ground. Do this every day for five minutes, say for a week, and it will improve your physical and mental stability, your confidence, and to a lesser extent your muscles.

If you find that your thigh muscles are aching at the end of every run, try this fitness tip that Jean Claude Killy used to do for five minutes every morning. Some of you will know it. He would sit against a wall with his lower legs upright and at right angles to his thighs with his arms folded. Do this every day for a month before you go and your thighs will be fine. His were. They won him three Olympic Golds.

Once you are out skiing do this on an easy slope – ski on a traverse on your uphill ski with the other one off the ground. Do it on the other traverse doing the same thing too. Try and think about where your weight is on the ski. Try turning to the left or to the right. (One way will be very difficult depending on the ski you’re on). Do this once a day after you have warmed up. This is a fitness tip for the mind more than anything else.

Finally, go as hard at the fitness exercises as you would on the slopes. It will pay off!


A new highlight for families with children

“Hans in luck ” (fairy tale of Germanic origin) is the new theme of the new 10-gondola in Hochsöll. But it is not the only investment in the Wilder Kaiser – Brixental for winter 1016/17. A total of 27 million euros will be invested in more comfort and fun on the slopes until the season starts in early December.

Construction of the new gondola is the largest single project in the SkiWelt for the coming winter: the old 2-seater chairlift Salvenmoos in Hochsöll has retired after 28 years and will be replaced by a new 10-gondola with 22 cabins. The 450 meter long new building had become necessary, primarily because of safety aspects (easy entry and exit), as many ski schools and parents use the slope with beginners.

For children, the gondola ride is to become a great fairy tale adventure! Every second gondola will be plastered with a images from the story of “Hans in luck “. The interior of the gondola, the entry and exit as well as the beginner slopes in the FunArea SkiWelt Söll are also going to get a fairytale theme.


Snow Ski Info & Discount Shopping Evening


Keen to gear up and hit the slopes? Then please join us for an informative presentation on snow skiing that covers all you need to know about planning a trip to Austria as well as the gear that you’ll need. SkiAustria is Cape Union Mart’s preferred travel operator for ski trips and winner of the 2016 Best Adventure Operator to Austria. An evening filled with valuable first hand tips on snow skiing, as well as discounted shopping!

6 October – 6.30 pm – CapeUnionMart Adventure Center Canal Walk

RSVP on FB, CUM Event site or by email.

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Have you booked your end of year holiday yet?

We still have some rooms left over Christmas and New Year. If you haven’t booked your holiday yet then just contact us and we would be happy to send you an offer for your winter holiday in the Austrian Alps!

Enjoy the spirit of Christmas – stroll through Christmas markets with their picturesque stalls, enjoy some Gluehwine and roasted chestnuts while admiring the decorated christmas trees.

New Year’s Eve is celebrated throughout Austria by many loud explosions and fireworks.  Across the cities there are concerts, parties and fireworks; making the whole country a very exciting New Year’s destination. At the stroke of midnight all church bells throughout Austria ring in the New Year and in major cities people dance in the streets into the New Year to the tunes of the famous Blue Danube Waltz.

A fantastic opportunity to enjoy a winter wonderland and a truly beautiful start to the New Year 2017. Have a look at our specials or just fill in our contact us form! We are looking forward to celebrating Christmas and/or New Year’s Eve in Austria with you & your family!


Pictures – Copyright: TVB Wilder Kaiser – TVB Lech-Zürs – Zell am See-Kaprun/Christian Mairitsch -Zell am See-Kaprun Tourismus GmbH/Faistauer